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Climbing Ben Nevis. In July 2012 Sandy and Geoff climbed Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK. This is their story.
Geoff and Sandy's photo albums can be seen here.
Explore Portland in Dorset through over one thousand pictures, anecdotes, history, geology and fascinating hidden places - all from the comfort of your home.
The Science of Perfect Putting. I have developed mathematical equations that govern the way a golf ball moves over a putting green and have used these in a computer model to derive the best tactic for getting a golf ball in the hole. The report can be downloaded by clicking my cartoon at left (4 MB )
Geoff and Sandy had a brilliant cycling weekend in Honfleur and the pictures can be seen by clicking on my cartoon at left. There's a particularly good picture of the moon over ancient Honfleur Harbour ;-)
Geoff is webmaster for a huge on-line Archive of Old Portland Pictures submitted by local families.
A 'Near Death' experience - Geoff survives a multiple neck fracture!

In July 2009 I fell down stairs and fractured three vertebrae in my neck and badly damaged my face. For over three months I wore a rigid neck brace day and night. See the gory details.

Football is a random game. I hold the view that the outcome of football matches between moderately well matched teams is completely random - the same outcome would be obtained if twenty-two incompetent, seriously myopic players were to move the ball in random directions for 90 minutes such that, entirely by chance, the ball would go into the goals. See the evidence.

Hardy's Hash House Harriers web site. "Drinkers with a Running Problem!" Learn more about our family-friendly activities in South Dorset.
Italian Holiday 2010. We had an amazing holiday based around Sorrento, Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Brilliant fun!
The most miserable time of Geoff's school life was spent at the Royal Masonic Junior School for Boys where pupils were subjected to physical and emotional abuse and a lamentable lack of education that left Geoff eighteen months behind state school pupils when he left aged 13.
Our Activity Holiday in Spain and Portugal, September 2008. One day each mountain biking, horse riding, hill trekking, canoeing, 4x4 off road exploring - and enjoying the local wines and beers in good company! Came home for a rest after seven days!
Sea Level Rise and the flooding risk to Weymouth. What effect might climate change have on flooding risks to Weymouth's Town Centre and the Park District?
Spooky coincidental meetings with people you know. Have you ever had the strange experience of meeting someone you know in a remote place? I explain why this happens more often than you expect.
Since 1969 Geoff has been taking photographs of a tree in Bindon Lane to the East of the village of  Wool. Why? He has no idea but it's slightly more interesting than watching paint dry. Or is it? See the pictures on this Award Winning website.
In 1972 Geoff wrote up the "History of Torpedo Development" this can now be read online - click on my cartoon at left. Warning - this file is 25 MB!
Sandy runs the London Marathon, 2003 - a magnificent achievement!

In 2007 I transferred all my domains and websites to 1&1. I've been delighted with their service, simplicity of use and reliability - and they worked out nearly GBP90 cheaper per year than my previous provider.

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