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31st October - 2nd November

A great weekend in the village of Exford staying at the Youth Hostel we stayed in last year. The weather was good during the two days of walking so we didn’t mind the torrtential rain at night. This was in Exmoor after all!

The Pumpkin Carving Competition

Exford 01

ABO and Jim Jams did a pumpkins with stained glass eyes - unique and scary! ABO is an excellent maker and repairer of stained glass - see his website by clicking here

Exford 02

Exford 09

Organgrinder and BOF made a vomiting pumpkin with a running nose.

Exford 11

Exford 04

Clapper and Kipper went for a Prince Charles pumpkin with huge ears.

Exford 13

Exford 08

Exford 12

Exford 14

Exford 05

Clipboard was overwhelmed by the whole pumpkin experience.

Exford 06

Psychedelic fails to notice that her second balloon had burst.

Exford 15

After an excellent evening meal provided by enthusiastic Hashers we had a challenging quiz involving characters and actors in spooky TV show and films. Then on to the Down! Downs! games and a sing song.

Exford 16

Exford 17

The Saturday walk was divided up between a Main of about 13 miles and a Mini of about 7 miles. The weather was just about ideal and the scenery was breathtaking  - the hills certainly took away our breath! We all met up at Dulverton for a well-earned lunch. Then the Mini went back to some cars which had been moved nearby and the Main walked back to the hostel arriving a little before it got dark.

Exford 18a

The evening meal was taken at a local pub which was just as well because torrential rain was falling by then.

Exford 35

On the way driving back from the walk Gravelrash hit a pheasant - the evidence was still there for all to see the next morning

Exford 44

WOW! That’s rain like only found on the Moors!

Exford 22

Physcedelic accepted a challenge to eat and swallow this pot of mussels in one go - shells and all.

Exford 20

YES! She did it!

Exford 21

Then Organgrinder swallows her pot of mussels shells and all - what an achievement!

Exford 25

Wellie and Bumblebee cook up Down! Downs! for miscreant Hashers.

Exford 24

Exford 26

Merry Hen is called up - much to her surprise!

Exford 27

Exford 28

Exford 29

Exford 30

Exford 31

Exford 32

Exford 33

The best picture of Honest John ever taken!

Exford 34

Exford 39

Exford 38

Exford 39a

Exford 40

Exford 41

Exford 42

Exford 43


Dulverton October 1991

Exford 45

How many Hardy’s Hashers can you recognize?

I reckon the following are shown, from left...

Gravelrash, Thid (behind Gravelrash), Tart, Wellie (then named Commander), Paddy, Drain, Sprout in front, Barbie, Itch and Scratch, Pat, Doggie wearing hat, Masher, Organgrinder and Lagerlout.

Exford 60

Organgrinder and BOF were on their very first weekend away together. Sprout, who was organising the room allocations, cautiously asked if we wanted a double room or two single. Silly question!. It is obvious from Organgrinder’s look that they will not be getting much sleep this weekend!

Exford 46

Organgrinder, Paddy and Lagerlout’s dog Grizzle.

Exford 47