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New Bra Book Cover Website Version1“Breast Health and Bra Comfort” is a new book by Geoff Kirby inspired by his discovery that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

Of these as many as 60% are suffering discomfort, breast pain, have multiple cysts and some even develop breast cancer.

Husband and wife team Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer carried out a self-funded survey of about 5,000 women in the USA to find out their bra wearing habits and their history of breast cancer.

The results were remarkable and showed that wearing a bra more hours each day strongly correlated with an increasing incidence of breast cancer such that those who never wore bras were very unlikely to suffered breast cancer. Indeed, these women developed breast cancer at about the same very low rate as men.

In contrast, the majority of the women in the survey who wore their bras all day and night had suffered breast cancer.

In 1995 the investigators published their research in a book ‘Dressed To Kill’ which was followed up in 2000 by the book ‘Get It Off!’

Despite the results published in these books the majority of medical professionals claimed that the survey was flawed.

Geoff Kirby agrees that there may be alternative explanations for this apparently strong relationship between bra wearing and incidence of breast cancer. A more balanced assessment of the health risks of bra wearing is offered in his book taking into account lifestyle factors, Body Mass Index, etc., as well as bra wearing habits.

In 2000 TV Channel 4 sponsored a six-month research study to see if giving up wearing a bra benefited sufferers of breast cysts and breast pain. It found a significant decrease in pain in pre-menopausal women such as the halving of the number of days when the women experienced ‘Moderate’ or ‘Severe’ breast pain.

As a result of casting off their bras ladies reported amazing improvements in breast health typically saying

‘It’s magic! I cannot see me ever wearing a bra again!’

‘Leaving off my bra has given me back my freedom. My breast pain has gone. Worry has stopped and I’m enjoying life more’.

‘I now get odd days with twinges rather than continuous breast pain. I am dreading going back to wearing a bra!’

conebra 2

Blue Bra small

Oh No!

That’s much better!

Given the enormous advertising exposure from the bra industry most women will probably not take that life improving step to cast off their bras. The bra industry says that wearing a bra for life - even from age nine - is the only way to maintain breast health. However, there is no evidence that wearing a bra has any health advantages.

For example, the fear that your breasts will ‘head south’ without a bra is false. Careful scientific tests have shown that breasts sag more for women who wear bras than those who are bra free.

Given this huge pressure to conform and wear a bra how can you find that perfect bra that won’t pinch, strangle and perhaps make you ill?

Geoff Kirby has tested over twenty bra sizing online guides and found them to be overwhelmingly useless with differences in bra band size as great as six inches and differences of four cup sizes.

He has also found large discrepancies in bra size and comfort from bras having the same size on the label. This is ‘vanity sizing’ where bra manufacturers deliberately put the wrong sizes on bras to fool the wearer into thinking she is slimmer and has more ‘sexy’ breasts.

In short, the bra sizing schemes out there are hopelessly misleading.

No wonder 80% of women wear the wrong size bra and can suffer so much discomfort!

Geoff introduces a new, simple bra sizing guide which will help you find that ‘perfect’ bra.

This is what thoroughly dissatisfied bra wearer has said

“My whole life I've had one good bra - one bra that was comfortable, that didn't leave enormous scarlet wheals on my flesh that gave me two breasts instead of one; that gave support without stopping me breathing. Just one good bra!’

‘It was a sort of blue pebbledash cotton thing from Sock Shop and I kept it going for five years. It was disgustingly unattractive, but under clothes my breasts looked like my breasts when I was wearing it. I cried when the much darned strap finally gave in last year and I had to throw it out. Since then I've bought about one bra a week and none of them are comfortable. All of them leave marks.’

Don’t let that happen to you.

Read my book!