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Cover1A curious anomaly is found in a review of golf literature of the past fifty years. Ninety percent of the literature deals with moving the ball from tee to green. Although there are hundreds of books and articles published on putting they deal almost exclusively with grip, technique, and stroking the ball. Practically nothing is written on how to read the green and estimate or calculate how much a ball will break.”

— H. A. Templeton, ‘Vector Putting’

To illustrate the general lack of advice in golfing books on reading greens consider the weighty “The Complete Book Of Golf” published by Colour Library Books. In its 520 pages the advice on putting makes up just twelve pages and most of that small section is devoted to stance and wrist action rather than reading the green. And yet is on the putting green that shots are lost and games sacrificed.

There are eighteen tee shots in a game but a medium to high handicap player will take as many as 35 to 50 putts during a game. Reading the green is an essential component of a successful game of golf.

This book rectifies this deficiency by explaining the way that a golf ball rolls and breaks after being hit. What happens after the ball is struck is outside the control of the golfer. All she can do is watch and hope she hit it to set it off at the correct speed and in the correct direction. This is where this book will guide you to better putting.

“I would say that each day I holed between 2 - 5 putts that I would not have holed using the naked eye to judge. That is a huge return for someone with my handicap (six) representing a saving of nearly half of my handicap each round!!”

That is unsolicited  praise from a fan of my work.