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This book will be published late in 2017.

CoverOver many centuries there have been many quirky ideas put forward about the structure of the universe and all the  planets, moons, stars and galaxies in it.

In 1835 it was reported that amazing flying aliens had been observed on the Moon as shown at left.

The Earth has been believed to be flat, hollow and even inside-out with all the universe contained in a hollow sphere within which we live and with the antipodes above our heads.

In the 1930s attempts were made to fire rockets vertically upwards to land in Australia!

Belief in Martians was widespread until the 1950s because their huge canals were ‘seen’ on the the face of Mars carrying precious water from the polar caps to the equator.

Even the planet Venus was ‘observed’ to have canals.

Sir William Herschel, arguably one of the greatest astronomers of all time, believed that the Sun is hollow and that intelligent aliens live inside on a cool globe covered in oceans and vegetation.

The idea that the Sun is cold was revived when the Rev. Philip Francis went on television in the 1960s with Dr. Patrick Moore to explain why the Sun is cold - see

Sandy in BikiniFrancis wrote a book “The Temperate Sun” and here we see my best friend Sandy enjoying the illusion of heat coming from a cold Sun whilst reading the Rev. Francis’s book.

Johannes Kepler believed that the planet Jupiter is home to a vast armada of sailing ships and that the inhabitants of Jupiter grow huge quantities of hemp.

The Aetherius Society believes that the planets of our Solar System are all inhabited and that they are ruled by an Interplanetary Parliament based on Saturn where it is based in ‘The Home Of Wisdom’.

According to the Aetherius Society the inhabitants of Saturn are featureless spheres about twelve metres in diameter.

AMimast left we see an image of Mimas, a minor moon in orbit around Saturn.

Is the remarkable resemblance to the Star Wars ‘Death Star’ a coincidence?

The ‘Death Star’ was created by George Lucas before any pictures of Mimas had been obtained - spooky or what!

Could the enigmatic objects called Quasars be interstellar spaceships? The evidence is certainly thought provoking.

Geoff Kirby’s book is packed with similarly quirky ‘Alternative Theories’ of the Solar System, the planets and universe at large.

This entertaining and fascinating book will be published towards the end of 2017.