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My Lost Childhood

Five Stars

“I received this book on Saturday and spent the day reading it. I was totally engrossed from start to finish. It is written in a really refreshing style that captivated me and left me asking for more. The hidden detail in the book is that nearly ever interesting piece of information is provided with a link to allow on line access to supporting information. This effectively creates not only a really interesting and engrossing story but a wealth of research data to allow the reader to develop the story to whatever depth they want to. Bring on the sequel!”


Five Stars

“I loved it! It reflects what we now despise but seemed to accept previously”

Robert J. White

Five Stars

A fascinating account of growing up in wartime Britain and the years afterwards. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant and sometimes sad, this book is definitely a very interesting read. Particularly for me, as somebody born decades after the war I could not imagine living in some of the conditions described in the book.

The author has captured the spirit of the times, and reflected his own personal experiences in such an engaging way that it is hard to put the book down.

Lisa F

Breast Health and Bra Comfort

Five Stars

“At last we have the truth about bra sizing and a new system for measuring, with an objective review of the latest research into the links between breast health and the wearing of bras. A sense of humour runs through the book, making this entertaining as well as informative. An important book for every woman to read.”

Ms Vicky Cole

Five Stars

Well researched, and well written, with humour thrown in. The information in this book is essential for anyone buying a bra, and to the bra fitters in the shops and stores.”

Mrs Iris Crawley

Five Stars

“This book has opened my eyes to the range of bra sizes on the high street. It's definitely made me think twice before buying a cheap bra without being measured correctly. It's made me realise that I'm not alone in having a drawer of bras in various sizes depending on the style and shop purchased. The book has been researched and written to a high standard and an interesting read.”

Janet Brown

Five Stars

“A very informative read - a must for anyone who has struggled to find the right fitting bra!”

Ms R A Lane