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1 February 2015

The Hares were planning to use this track with deep mud and cow sh*t but thought Hardy’s Hash were too wimpy to go there. They imagined the reaction. “Oh No! If I fall over in this ABO may try to give me the Kiss of Life!” whimpered Bumblebee in a high-pitched terrified girly scream.

2015-01-18 12.55.15

So, the Hares set the Hash in a different direction entirely.

2015-01-18 12.48.04



The Loneliness of the Long Distance Hare.

Organgrinder sets off up Shipton Hill with a backpack loaded with flour, an oxygen cylinder and a mask. The hill gave magnificent views into Devon in the west, towards Pilsden Pen (the highest point in Dorset) to the north and towards the sea southwards. A perfect day except for the freezing wind.

Rosie led a breakaway Main by not obeying the Hare’s instruction to go to the summit and return to the regroup. As a result Hashers were scattered all over the countryside ending up on the wrong side of hedges, etc.


This wonky chimney was spotted in Walditch.


New Hasher Isabel was welcome with a Down! Down!


“Will I get a Down! Down!”


Kipper is awarded the Dopey Hat for searching for his glasses on the Hash even though he was wearing them!


“Little Red Riding Hood” is none the worse for her argument with a farmer who tried to run her off his land even though she had a legal right to be there.


The Hares were rewarded with free drinks for setting such a brilliant, imaginative and superb Hash.