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3rd April 2016

Lagerlout and ABO hared a Hash from The Three Horseshoes at Powerstock. This took in a visit to the West Milton Cider Company - - where we very much enjoyed the cider and snacks provided.

This was a sad day for Hardy’s Hash because Jim Jams will be moving out of Dorset. Being her last Hash for a while she was presented with a signed card and a framed collage of memorable pictures of her hashing.

2016-04-03 12.13.18 LR

Wellie eyes up his personal gallon flagon of cider and wonders if he will be able to drink it all before the rest of the Hashers arrive.

2016-04-03 12.13.27 LR

Half gone! Wellie must have been thirsty.

2016-04-03 12.50.50 LR


2016-04-03 13.07.33 LR

Happy Hashers and our host.

2016-04-03 14.17.23 LR

Souffle was punished for wearing a device which kept on announcing, in a very sexy woman’s voice, how far he had walked, his pace, his heart rate, blood pressure and his cholesterol level every 100 metres.

2016-04-03 14.18.06 LR

Rabbit was punished for her spectacular encounter with a deep muddy puddle.

2016-04-03 14.19.47 LR

Bones 1 says his prayers before drinking his alcohol. He is very devout when it comes to booze. Meanwhile Mr Economical is concerned that the wall foundations may be dangerous.

2016-04-03 14.19.51 LR

Mr Economical is definitely unhappy about that wall!

2016-04-03 14.19.57 LR


2016-04-03 14.21.44 LR

ABO is rewarded for being a GIT (Generous Intelligent Tenacious) and saving us 25 pence each on on the cost of our breakfasts the previous weekend.

Well Done ABO!

2016-04-03 14.22.50 LR

Hardy’s H3 welcomed a new Hasher with the traditional dose of Virgin’s Nectar.

2016-04-03 14.23.14 LR

Jim Jams was at her last Hardy’s Hash for a while so she was presented with a signed card and a framed collage of memorable pictures.

2016-04-03 14.24.27 LR


2016-04-03 14.25.21 LR


2016-04-03 14.26.05 lr

Below is the framed collage presented to Jim Jams.

Jims Jams Collage LR

Guess who got the ‘Dopey Hat’.

2016-04-03 14.27.04 LR