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16th April 2016

Several Hardy’s Hashers entered the Weldmar Colour Run and the pictures are below.


Organgrinder monkeying around before the start.

P4160141 LR

Four of the Hardy’s Hashers were on their way to a wedding and stopped by to do the Colour Run on the way.

P4160144 LR

Hands up who thinks they will be first back!

P4160146 LR

A visitor from Monkey World arrived.

P4160147 LR

The lead runner.

P4160149 LR

NOFI and Ivor Stent are late for the wedding so break into a run.

P4160150 LR

Come On Rosie!

Maybe he should not have drunk that pint of beer before the start.

P4160151 LR

Swatchstika going at a good pace.

P4160152 LR

Organgrinder and L’Ass Over Tit


Latex and Salmonella

P4160159 LR

The wind changed direction and caught photographer BOF off guard.

P4160161 LR

Ganging up on Rosie.

P4160162 LR1

NOFI and Ivor Stent take a pelting.

P4160165 LR

Nurse Baps leads SNOFI

P4160166 LR

Swatchstika is still smiling.

P4160167 LR

Organgrinder in her five quid runner leggings followed by Buscock.

P4160170 LR

They never did make it to the wedding in time.

P4160172 LR

Proud medal winners

P4160175 lr


P4160176 LR