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25th November 2018

A nice short Main - under four miles - on a bright but very cold and windy day. We were very pleased to welcome Half-Mad home after a year’s absence abroad and also we were pleased to see Bogeyed, Hump A Tent and their little lad on this Hash.

IMG_9764 LR

A spirited leap at the water hazard

IMG_9765 LR


IMG_9774 LR

In 1992 BOF did volunteering work in the countryside and one task was to help rebuild this dry stone wall which was derelict. The team spent a week demolishing the remains of the old wall and rebuilt what you see here. It was hard work but well worth it to see the wall still in good condition.

IMG_9777 LR

The Mini went up and inside St. Catherine’s Chapel on the hill high above Abbotsbury. ABO was first in - he had never been inside before. He quickly came out and very grumpily said “There’s nothing in there! Complete waste of time! It’s rubbish!” and headed off fast down to the pub.

IMG_9782 LR

Organgrinder was very much smitten by our newest Hash recruit.

IMG_9785 LR

A lovely cheeky smile!

IMG_9789 LR

Rosie got carried away by having Swatchstika as his co-hare and introduced a Nazi theme to the Down! Downs! His shrill cry of “Sieg Heil!” caused the older pub regulars to rush home and get out their “Dad’s Army” revolvers and tin hats. Luckily we were gone from the pub by the time they got back to put Rosie under close arrest as a Nazi spy.

Incidentally, if you enjoy seeing Germans mocked (and everyone except the Germans does) click here, here and here. Whoops! I mentioned the war but I think I got away with it.

IMG_9792 LR


IMG_9796 LR

ABO was Down! Downed! for saying that St. Catherine’s Chapel was rubbish.

IMG_9799 LR

“Is that beer also for me?”

Dream on ABO!

IMG_9800 LR

BOF was Down! Downed! for telling the story of a Hash long ago when the trail had also gone to St. Catherine’s Chapel. BOF had found a line of powder on the grass outside the chapel. It didn’t look like a Hash bar so he wet a finger picked up some of the powder, examined it closely and licked it.

No! It wasn’t flour so he kicked out the line of powder to avoid the Hash being confused. Then he noticed a group of mourners carrying a casket. The powder had been the cremated remains of their dearly beloved relative.


Which reminds me of this cremation and Hashing story from a decade ago - please click here.