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9th - 11th November 2018

Many thanks to Bumblebee and Psychedelic for organizing this away weekend.

Some of us went to the National Space Centre at Leicester.


Pissticide had an opportunity to walk on the Moon whilst BOF played with it





IMG_9512 LR

On Thursday evening we went for a meal and drinks at the Quorndon Fox

IMG_9513 LR

At Quorn Station and in Quorn Village Hall there were commemorations of the centenary of the end of World War 1.


The Great Northern Railway is a preserved railway run by volunteers. It was operating the steam locomotive “Leicester City” when the Hash visited. This locomotive was one of the last built in Britain and is 60 years old.


When BOF started to tell Organgrinder the detailed history of this locomotive something snapped; her sanity.


A pint of local beer cheered her up however.

IMG_9628 LR

The Walking Mini were able to ride in this old bus as well as go on board the railway engine.

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IMG_9638 LR


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An Emergency Ward had been set up for injured soldiers returning from the war in Europe.

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IMG_9662 LR

The injured soldiers were entertained by The Quorn Ukulele Band


Think of a caption for this picture.


The Friday evening Fish and Chips meal was amazing - huge portions of fish and nicely cooked.

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As always Wellie was in fine voice for the Down! Downs!

IMG_9580 LR


IMG_9596 LR



One of many pub stops over the weekend.

IMG_5262 LR

ABO stayed remarkable cheerful throughout the weekend.

IMG_5261 LR

But others just couldn’t stand the pace.

IMG_9542 LR

However they perked up when Sandy arrived with a bottle of wine...

IMG_9545 LR

...and even became quite amorous...

IMG_9546 LR did Clipboard!

IMG_5263 LR

On the last day we went for a train ride.

IMG_5264 LR


IMG_9669 LR

At the Sunday pub stop BOF was quick to grab the Hash Chips!

IMG_9676 LR

Bumblebee was given a Down! Down! in a very fancy tea pot whilst Wellie showed off his antlers.

IMG_9685 LR


IMG_9687 LR

This plaque was spotted near The Swan Inn in Quorn.











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