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What’s New?

Pictures from the Grand National Hash 8th April 2017 can be seen here.

Pictures from the Christmas Party 7th January 2017 can be seen here.

Pictures from the New Year’s Day Hash 2017 can be seen here.

 Pictures from the Hillbilly Weekend 2016 can be seen here.

Pictures from other 2016 Hashes can be seen here.

Pictures from the entire twenty-nine year history of Hardy’s Hashes can be seen here.

T-shirts for sale - please click here.

What Is Hashing?

Hashing consists of following a trail laid in flour or sawdust. It is non-competitive and caters for all levels of fitness. ‘Regroups’ are set to allow slower hashers to catch up before we all set off again.    

We are a family - and dog - friendly Hash and have members ranging in age over seventy years.

We meet at a different pub at 11 a.m. every Sunday and set off to run, jog or walk around the wonderful Dorset countryside. The ‘Hash Diary’ page at left gives details of upcoming venues and social events.

What else do Hashers do?

We have many local social events such as cycle treasure hunts, parties and B-B-Qs.

We also organise social and hashing trips in the UK and abroad. For example, click here to see pictures from a recent trip to Bournemouth.

Can I Try It?

Your first Hash is free so there is no reason not give it a try! Thereafter it is 2 per hash or 20 per half-year. All surpluses are ploughed back for members’ benefits.

You should bring a change of clothes and shoes in case it is muddy underfoot.

The ‘Diary’ page at left has links to details of other local, national and international hashes and also information on events around the world.

If you cannot make Sundays there is another Hash - called the Sub60 - which runs in the same South Dorset area but meets every other Thursday evening. See the website here.

What’s The History Behind It?

Hardy's Hash House Harriers are a part of a long, proud and worldwide Hashing tradition. There are over 1,700 Hash clubs spread over every country in the world. Wikipedia has an excellent article on hashing and its origins in the 1930s, please click here

You may contact us using the e-mail address shown below. This is an image - you will need to type this into your address bar.


The organisers do not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury, however caused, sustained by any participant in any event or associated activity. Participants expressly waive their right to pursue any of the above or any participants for any loss, damage or injury whilst taking part in these events or associated activities. Dog owners personally accept full responsibility for any injury or damage, however caused, by their animals.

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