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New T-shirts are now available as shown below.

Vests and other T-shirts are also available - click here.

Please send your order to this email address (remove spaces) Picture Hash

Include size and Hash name you want on the T-shirt.

Cost is 20 per shirt and the bulk order will be going in on 20th May, so money must be paid by then. Please make payments direct to the Hardy’s Hash bank account, details of which can be obtained from the above email address. The pictures are of a ladies size 12 and advice is that the fit is on the smaller side.

T Shirt 2021 a

T Shirt 2021 b

T Shirt 2021 c

T Shirt 2021 d

The following items were added on May 15th 2021. Vests (20) and cotton T-shirts (23) options now available - see below - in addition to the sports fabric (20).

Habberdashery 1

Habberdashery 2