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New T-shirts are now available as shown below.
t shirt front logo small LoRes
Red Logo LoRes

The new logo shown above can be placed on your new T-shirt either as a small version over the right breast as shown at left or as a large version centrally on the front as shown below.



The price for a ‘technical material’ is 14 and for cotton the price is 10.

The T-shirts are available in black or red. 

These are available in men's and ladies fit - the ladies fit comes out slightly on the small size. Buscock has sample T-shirts for sizing and these are available to try at Hardy’s Hashes. Your Hash name can be printed on the left breast.

Any questions can be put to Buscock at the email address shown below.

New Hash eMail
T-Shirt_FRONT LoRes

T-Shirt_BACK Version 2 LoRes

Below are shown the front and back of the Hardy’s H3 Away T-shirts. These are only available in purple and can have your Hash names above the left breast.

The sizes available are the same as for the new T-shirts shown above.

These T-shirts cost 14 for ‘Technical’ material and 10 for cotton.

Away T Shirt Front Version 2 LoRes

Away T Shirt BackVersion 2 LoRes