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A group of Hardy’s Hashers travelled to South Africa for a three week tour of Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa hosted by local hashers. This included the Africa Hash in Cape Town.

South_Africa_1 002

At Heathrow the drinking started long before the flight took off. Organgrinder thought her wine was excessively dry until she realised that she had not taken off the cap.

South_Africa_1 003

At local midnight on the aircraft somewhere over North Africa it became Organgrinder’s 55th birthday so she was able to open all her many birthday cards and celebrate with a pre-packed meal.

South_Africa_1 011

After getting lost in Nelspruit the hostel was eventually found in the suburbs resulting in a quick midnight swim in the pool.

South_Africa_1 027

Gravelrash found a convenient way to carry a cola bottle.

South_Africa_1 041

BOF samples the local potjie food - delicious!

South_Africa_1 044


South_Africa_1 028

Our overnight camping experience in the Kruger National Park. We were kept awake by the monkeys chattering nearby and trying to get into our tent.

South_Africa_1 080


South_Africa_1 069

Hardy Hashers On Safari!

South_Africa_1 010

We encountered all the usual animals but BOF reckoned people saw more animals and got closer to them at Longleat Safari Park!

South_Africa_1 008


South_Africa_1 019

A lioness feasting on the entrails of a baby giraffe - you wouldn’t have seen THAT in Longleat BOF!

South_Africa_1 054


South_Africa_1 055


South_Africa_1 072

A Safari bus full of German tourists came off the road in an area full of hungry lions. Did Hardy’s Hashers risk their lives to push the bus out of the ditch whilst the Germans stayed on board terrified? Yes we did - and we didn’t mention the war!

South_Africa_1 086

Hashing in Soweto. The local children came out to laugh at our white legs and cheer us on. We hashed past Winnie Mandela’s house and ate at a local Soweto restaurant.

South_Africa_1 088

The imaginative decoration on two power station cooling towers near Soweto.

South_Africa_1 095

Down! Downs! with a very powerful local drink downed in one

South_Africa_1 096

Having a great meal and lots of drinks in a back street Soweto cafe

South_Africa_1 104

From Johannesburg we boarded the Hash Party Train to spend over a week hashing and travelling to Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland  and all through South Africa to Cape Town. The capital of Mozambique - Maputo - has a lot of buildings, like this one, from its Portuguese colonial days

South_Africa_1 105

The entrance to our Maputo hotel was decorated to mark our arrival on the Hash Party Train.

South_Africa_1 111

Local children turned out to cheer the Hashers on their way through the shanty town in the Maputo suburbs.

South_Africa_1 110

Hashing through the poorest parts of Mozambique. This family had seven children all living in a single room breeze block hut.

South_Africa_1 113

Paddling in the Indian Ocean.

South_Africa_1 119

A local Mozambique dancing troupe proudly display their national flag featuring crossed hoe and AK47 Kalashnikov rifle.

South_Africa_1 145

Setting off on a quad bike safari in Ficksburg. Only BOF failed to get the hang of his machine and crashed it into a concrete parapet - big Down! Down! for that!

South_Africa_3 039


South_Africa_1 148

On the eight day train trip - the facilities for washing clothes was rudimentary!

South_Africa_1 160

As were the clothes drying facilities!

South_Africa_1 161

The Hash Party Train toilets were also basic - poo, pee and paper all straight onto the track!

South_Africa_1 149

We went shopping for red dresses in Durban market - which caused locals some amazement with Drain and other men slipping into snazzy red dresses.

South_Africa_1 155

The beer arrived at the Durban Hash venue - we soon drank it dry!

South_Africa_1 093

“Circle Up!” for the Hash around Durban.

South_Africa_1 167

The Durban Hashers performed a skit of Freddy Mercury and Montserrat Caballé singing ‘Barcelona’. This was copied very successfully in several Hardy’s Hash Celebration weekends by Honest John and Wellie.

South_Africa_1 183

On the Hash Party Train. After eight days our livers were screaming for mercy!

South_Africa_1 204


South_Africa_1 219

Oh No! ‘Billy No Mates’ BOF is dancing with his invisible friend again!

South_Africa_1 227b

Hardy’s Hashers and friends set the Hash from the Gariep Dam miles from anywhere in the desert.

South_Africa_1 231

Rather a challenge to set a hash from a dam with no local knowledge and no maps!

South_Africa_1 255

Down! Downs! at Addo Elephant Park. This Hasher’s nickname was ‘Mammaries’ - no idea why...

South_Africa_1 276

After eight days and nights on the Hash Party Train we arrived in Cape Town via Johannesburg, Mozambique, Swaziland, Durban and many other stops. Then straight onto the Red Dress Run prior to Africa Hash 2005.

South_Africa_4 015


South_Africa_1 281


South_Africa_1 279


South_Africa_2 001

Africa Hash got under way.

South_Africa_2 065


South_Africa_2 067


South_Africa_3 008


South_Africa_2 058

Unfortunately, early in the event a violent storm blew up which threatened to collapse the huge marquee so we had to evacuate the event and go back to our hotel. These Portaloos were blown over with the violence of the wind. We hoped there was nobody trapped inside!

South_Africa_4 028

The huge marquee destroyed by the storm. Amazingly, we all got out in time.

The Hash to the top of Table Mountain

South_Africa_2 024


South_Africa_4 014


South_Africa_2 038


South_Africa_2 016

The view from the top of Table Mountain.

South_Africa_2 054


South_Africa_2 157

You can’t go any further south in Africa than this!

South_Africa_3 027


South_Africa_4 041


South_Africa_4 031


South_Africa_3 043

Knackered and ready to fly home!!