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The Cerne Abbas Giant is a world famous naked man carved into the chalk hillside above the beautiful village of Cerne Abbas in mid-Dorset, UK - click here for his story. 

It is the largest hill carving in Britain and measures 180 feet (60 metres) from top to toe and his penis is about 30 feet (10 metres) long. 

Until recently, it was believed to be Romano-British and to represent the God Hercules wielding his club. It is now thoughtPicture900 to date from the late 17th century and to have been carved, perhaps by the local monks, to mock Cromwell’s puritanical regime. 

It has always been a fertility symbol and couples still make love on his penis at midnight on Midsummer Night to ensure they conceive. 

The Giant has featured in many films, in an adverts for Durex condoms and Heineken Lager and in Men Behaving Badly (‘Sofa’ - the penultimate and best episode) Gary and Tony roll down the hill over the penis.

In 2002 he  was fitted with a 20 foot (7 metre) condom by the UK Family Planning  Association and in 2007 he was joined by a donut wielding Homer Simpson in publicity for the Simpsons Movie - click here to read the story.