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computerguyWelcome to my web site which contains maps, stories, history, advice and many hundreds of photographs, both modern and old, to help you explore Portland in Dorset - The Jewel in the Jurassic Coast.

My website is gradually being updated and expanded. New pictures and stories are being added  each month.

To start your exploration of Portland please click on the cartoon of me hard at work on the left.

Some pages have yet to be upgraded into a new user-friendlier style. SITIP TitleThis is a slow process but the total number of pictures on this website is already over 1,000 and growing every month.

You may also be interested in the archive I have created of pre-1945 Portland photographs collected from members of the public during the "Steps In Time Images Project" which was active about a decade ago.

Well over three thousand pictures have been archived for posterity. These can be viewed by clicking on the picture at right.

If you want to copy and use any pictures please first check the copyright statement reached by clicking here.


Tout Quarry provides a lot of energy-consuming fun for children. There are narrow ravines to squeeze through, paths to follow which weave randomly giving an ideal opportunity for the family to play ‘Hide and Seek’ as well as wide open spaces to race around.

Above all there are dozens of sculptures and carvings to find such as this elegant carved fireplace. A map showing the quarry layout and the locations of fifty-four carvings can be downloaded and printed from here. Set the children the challenge to find as many as they can in one hour!

Details of Tout Quarry can be found here.


Book CoversLRIn 2014 at the age of 75 I started a new hobby - writing books. These are available as paperbacks and ebooks from Amazon. 

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All have been very well received; so far gathering a total of eight reviews; seven being ‘five star’ reviews and one a ‘four star’ review.

I also have many other websites covering a wide range of interesting topics. These can be visited by clicking here.



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