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Portland, Dorset


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The above image is copyright Dorset County Council 2000 and is reproduced here with permission

The area covered by this page is enclosed within the red lines. It includes Blacknor Fort, which is the building in the lower right of the red enclosure.

There is a narrow and scary path running between the fort and the cliff-edge.

In the face of the cliff is the entrance to a large cave system. This was discovered relatively recently and can only be reached by abseiling down the cliff - one reason why this area is popular with climbers.

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West Weares looking south towards Blacknor Point.

Please click here for a description of the geology of this area.

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Notice in this picture the huge section of cliff that has fallen away and dropped a long way down the cliff.

Portland is crumbling into the sea and will eventually disappear.

Dominating the westerly headland of Blacknor Point on Portland is Blacknor Fort.

This Victorian fort is now private property - and visitors are left in no doubt about this from the many "PRIVATE - KEEP OUT" signs - see how many you can count next time you are in the vicinity!

Please click here for a close-up view of the Fort showing the gun emplacements in detail.

Please click here for an historic picture of a 9.2 inch gun being moved to Blacknor Fort in 1909.

Please click here for an old photograph showing the Fort in the distance with guns in place.

Please click here for a excellent photograph by Bob Ford of fog on this part of the coast.

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The Fort was, in 2004, the scene of a tragedy. 

Edwin Hoskins was imprisoned in July 2004 at Salisbury Crown Court. He met his neighbour Graham Vranch while working at HMP The Verne in 1970. The men became neighbours after they bought adjacent bungalows at Blacknor Fort.

In 1978, the pair drew up a legal agreement where if either of them decided to sell, the other must be given first refusal for one month.

Hoskins decided to sell in January 2004. But when Mr. Vranch made an offer to buy his property for 55,000 - a sum much lower than Hoskins had hoped for - he rejected it.

On 22 February, Hoskins invited Mr. Vranch to his house and allegedly shot him with a gun.

Mr. Vranch survived the shooting.

However, in 2006 Hoskins was discovered hanged in his cell.

For a full version of this sad story please click here.

The entrance to part of Blacknor Fort showing one of the many "PRIVATE - KEEP OUT" signs.

Here we see the remains of a quarry workers' hut a few metres north of Blacknor Fort and nearby are the remains of a World War 2 gun emplacement.

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Here we see the remains of the quarry workers' hut with the sweeping cliffs of West Weares and Portland Harbour in the distance.

The concrete gun stand can be seen near the cliff edge.

Please click here for a view taken about a century ago from the same spot showing the walls of the hut more intact. Use your browser BACK button to return here.

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The expansion of Bowers Quarry adjacent to West Weares in the late 1980s resulted in many of the old tramway tracks being overwhelmed with an advancing wall of waste stone.

At least one old tramway tunnel was blocked off and lost in 1989 by the dump shown here.


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