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Easton, North

Portland, Dorset


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The above image is copyright Dorset County Council 2000 and is reproduced here with permission.

This area covers the northern end of Easton Village and the western end of Grove Road.

The football stadium is seen in the top right-hand comer of the red square at its new location - it was moved to allow the Portland Stone to be quarried near the centre of the red square.

Inmosthay Quarry is the rough green area on the left of the red square - a huge area of quarries now mostly in-filled with stone waste.

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At the junction of Grove Road and Easton Lane stood Crown Farm. This suffered a direct hit by a bomb in World War 2 and if you click here you can see a picture of the massive damage caused. This site is now occupied by modern housing as shown above.


The old Drill Hall just north of Easton shopping centre.

The Portland Volunteer Artillery Brigade was founded in 1859 and drilled in the Old Maister's School but, in 1868, it moved into these new premises.

It is now used as offices by a stone company.

These old wooden huts next to the Drill Hall are used by the local Army Cadets.



From Easton Station the railway ran under Reforne (the old bridge survives, click to go south for a picture) and then  continued under Victoria Place. Just to the north of this was a coal yard and a stone loading crane. 

This iron stump is all that remains of that crane as photographed in 1989. It is now (2010) buried under tons of stone blocks and the coal yard has gone.

Nearby is a housing estate built in 2002.


It is difficult to believe that this was once the route for a busy railway siding carrying stone blocks from Inmosthay Quarry to Easton Station.

This view is from opposite the Drill Hall and looks back towards Easton Square. The Weymouth to Easton railway line ran to Easton Station. 

It then continued on a spur heading north and finally ended in a siding at this spot having run up from where the mobile 'phone mast can be seen.


To the north of Grove Road and east of Easton Street are the Independent Quarries. The Portland F C football ground was moved to provide access to building stone.

However, a World War 2 bomb was discovered near to the centre spot of the pitch which caused great excitement!

Nearby was a stone crushing plant and this rusting piece of machinery was used to crush the stone. It has now been scrapped and the area where it stood has been quarried away.

Here we see a large redundant building being demolished in Independent Quarries in 1989.

The entrance to the Portland Football Stadium when it was in its original position closer to Easton.

The land beyond this archway has been quarried away but the arch remains as seen above.

 hot stuff

The Portland FC club house was one of a very large number of buildings that have been burned down on Portland. This community seems to be remarkably prone to combustion - several beach huts, a Burmese Takeaway,  Rumours Nightclub, the Lobster Pot Restaurant at Portland Bill - twice in one year, a greengrocer's shop, a Scout Hall, the Victoria Hotel (now Masons and Mariners) in Chiswell, The ex-OSPREY accommodation block in January 2003 - and that's not to mention all the private houses that have gone up in flames such as Mary Cobden's house in Easton which was sadly destroyed in October 1990. 

If you live on Portland...

...make sure your fire insurance is fully paid up!


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