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"No Man's Land"

Portland, Dorset

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The above image is copyright Dorset County Council 2000 and is reproduced here with permission.

This is a wild area of Portland; most of which is impossible to explore as it is thick with brambles and blocked off by ex-Ministry of Defence steel fencing. It lies below the sheer northern ramparts of the Verne Prison and sweeps down to Portland Port property on the coast.

Only two access paths exist. One runs past the Royal Navy Cemetery, past the Victorian East Weares Battery (now totally overgrown with brambles, see 690740) ending at a gate locked with rusting padlocks. 

The other approaches from Nicodemus Knob and also comes to a steel fence. However, the latter has a hole wrenched in it by vandals 695730.

It is in this area that a huge underground gas storage installation is planned, please click here and here for details.


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The derelict buildings in this area are all part of the East Weares Gun Batteries and are seen in the distant picture taken from near Glacis.

When the Ministry of Defence owned his property these tunnels and buildings were used for training the armed forces in disaster relief functions.

For old pictures of this gun battery in use please click here.

If Portland Port were willing to open this area to the public it would be a sure-fire tourist attraction but the cost of making the old buildings safe would be very high.

These photographs show the huge extent of the Victorian Gun Batteries and the way they are being neglected and allowed to rot away.

Buildings of undoubted historical interest are falling apart.

The East Weares Gun Batteries cover a huge area and most are within Portland Port's control. 

Here we have a tourist attraction crying out for protection and exploitation.

The abandoned HMS OSPREY buildings which were once part of the Royal Naval Dockyard.


There are more pictures of HMS Osprey here including pictures of its demolition.

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