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Local B & B and Hotel Accommodation

Fed up with hearing all that farting, snoring, belching and sex noises in the next tent?

Here are some B & Bs and hotels within half a mile of the event venue. I have no personal knowledge of these so they are given here without favour or recommendation but the reviews are mostly quite good.

The Red Lion Hotel   4.2/5.0 stars, 1 North St, Wareham BH20 4AB   01929 550099

The Bear Wareham   3.2/5.0 stars, 14 South St, Wareham BH20 4LT 01929 288150

Anglebury House   4.0/5.0 stars, 15-17 North St, Wareham BH20 4AB 01929 552988

The Duke Of Wellington   4.3/5.0 stars, 7 East St, Wareham BH20 4NN 01929 553015

Mast Cottage   5.0/5.0 stars (1 review), Church Green, Wareham BH20 4ND 01243 641001

Gold Court House   4.8/5.0 stars, Gold Court House, St John’s Hill, Wareham BH20 4LZ 01929 553320