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North Of Portland Bill

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67568506LRThe area north of Portland Bill included the Ministry of Defence Magnetic Range where test can be performed well away from stray electric and magnetic fields.

Also in this area is the Pulpit Inn, Dorset's most southerly public house.

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In 1907 history was made when a “Marconi Wireless Station” near the Higher Lighthouse mad contact with Gibraltar - please click here for details. Royal Navy aerials were still operational into the 1980s when they were demolished. The circular pattern in the upper left corner of the old aerial photograph at left shows the base of one radio mast. The very faint outlines of the bases of the two masts can be seen on Google Earth by clicking here.

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The Old Blacksmith's Forge at Portland Bill.

Now used as a fisherman's store, it is described in Eric Ricketts' book (“The Buildings of Old Portland” by Eric Ricketts. Privately Published in 1979 and since reprinted) where the corbie stepped gables are noted as similar to 16th century Scottish and Dutch huts. The blacksmith's main task was to repair and sharpen the quarry workers' tools when stone was being extracted from Portland Bill quarries in Victorian days.


A Portland Stone hand-carved animal trough.

There used to be many of these scattered around the Island but few have survived the destructive attention of vandals. This one was intact and stood by the east wall of the old blacksmith's building (see picture above) until it was smashed in 1989. 

One also lay by the wall of the upper lighthouse until the mid-1990s - that too has now gone.



The Pulpit Public House pictured in 1990 before the car-park was partially enclosed with boulders. Dan and Jackie Fox retired in 2014 after 29 years at this pub - see the story here.

A well is marked on the 1903 Ordnance Survey map about 30 metres north-west of the pub. Is there still a well here?




When plans were submitted to build 'Lobster World' near the coastguard cottages it was strongly opposed by local people. However, it opened in 1986 as a tourist attraction and breeding centre for lobsters to be released into the wild.

Unfortunately, it was not a commercial success and, in 1989, it was converted into a luxury four-bedroom house and put on the market in that year for 180,000.



The old coastguard cottages and houses near Portland Bill; one of the most remote settlements in South Dorset.

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