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67571002.JPG (25097 bytes)

The above image is copyright Dorset County Council 2000 and is reproduced here with permission

This aerial photograph shows the area covered by this page within the red square.

This contains magnificent cliffs at the top of which is a World War 2 bunker and gun emplacement.

Slightly below the level of the cliff-top path is a layer of exposed rock showing fossilised ripples formed on an ancient sandy beach. 

It is amazing that something so delicate could have survived over one hundred million years of geological upheavals and turmoil.

Until the 1990s the cliff top fields in the upper right corner of the red square were open and horses were tethered to stop them wandering. 

Now, most of this area has been enclosed and can no longer be walked. 

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67571007.JPG (44323 bytes)

 A World War 2 lookout post and the remains of a gun emplacement. Some of these wartime features are being preserved as scheduled monuments.

67571006.JPG (36037 bytes)  

Nature slowly but inexorably takes its toll on the structure. 

Visible through the observation slit to the North is part of the magnificent view over Lyme Bay. The view to the south through the rotting steel of the observation slit showing Southwell Business Park on the cliff top.

The beautifully preserved sand ripples created over 100 million years ago when these stone layers were at sea level and continental drift was slowly carrying the land across the equator to more northerly temperate latitudes.

67571004.JPG (33244 bytes)

67571010.JPG (92110 bytes)

On the shelf a little down the cliff (CAREFUL!) are a few fossilised trees.

In fact, like the fossils on the east of the Isle, these are actually the fossilised growths that forms around the base of the tree stumps; the trees themselves having long been eroded away.

The coastline looking south. The huge scree slope near the middle of this photograph was caused by quarry spoil being tipped over the cliff.

67571003.JPG (53671 bytes)

67571005.JPG (81871 bytes)

In 1989 these concrete blocks and rusting steel gun mount were reminders of World War 2 fortifications. 

By 2002 they were gone and this field between the cliff edge and Weston's housing estate is now fenced and used by horses.


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