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Cover Army Wife1Having recently celebrated her fiftieth wedding anniversary Ilene reminiscences about her childhood and her career in the Women's Royal Army Corps (WRAC). image0013

On marrying Johnny in 1964 she embarked on a life offering many adventures mainly based in Germany and the Middle East.

In their married life Ilene and Johnny were to live in sixteen houses. Despite the travelling and disruption of army life, Ilene and Johnny successfully raised two children.

Their adventures travelling around Iran in the days before the Shah was overthrown are colourfully illustrated and reveal a way of life largely swept away by the Islamic Revolution in 1978.

Since their retirement they have been enthusiastic Hash House Harriers - a worldwide community of fun-loving people whose motto is “Drinkers with a Running Problem!”Ilene-WI-Talk031

Ilene was for several years events coordinator and secretary to the famous White Helmets army motorcycle display team.

This book has been published by Geoff Kirby.