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This book has been published as a paperback and can be ordered from Amazon bDave Buckey clicking here.

Cover version 5Weymouth St. Paul’s Harriers (WSPH) Life Member Dave Bucke has written a book setting out in one hundred fully illustrated pages the history of WSPH from its origins in the 19th century up to 1991.

Dave joined the club in 1977 soon after moving to Dorset and has held most of the committee posts.

He is still active and running despite have passed his eightieth birthday.

Dave Bucke takes the story from its origins in mid-Victorian paper chases through the increasing enthusiasm for running in the 1890s due in part to the first of the revived Olympic Games being held in 1896.

Dave continues the story through the bleak years after World War II before describing the growing club popularity and successes of WSPH members up to 1991.

His book may be bought from Amazon as a paperback for 4.95 by clicking here.

This book has been published by Geoff Kirby